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Bulgur Salad with Turnip – Practical Recipes

Bulgur Salad with Turnip

  • 2 cups bulgur
  • 2 cups of turnip juice
  • 4 tablespoons of oil
  • Salt
  • canned corn
  • pickled gherkins
  • You can also add green olives if you want.
  • Lemon

Bulgur Salad with Turnip Recipe and Preparation:

First of all, the bulgur is washed and put in the pot. Add oil and salt and fry a little, then add turnip juice. After boiling, it is cooked on low heat until the water is absorbed and left to cool. Corn, pickles and green olives are added to the cooled bulgur. Finally, the lemon is squeezed. (I recommend with plenty of lemon..) Bon appetit

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