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Canadian Meatballs Recipe – Practical Recipes

Canadian Meatballs

There is hardly anyone who does not like meatballs. However, this time we are here with a different meatball recipe with both taste and texture. Canadian meatballs You can also prepare a meatball that has a different aroma but that you can’t give up when you eat it.

Moreover, it also harmonizes wonderfully with potatoes with slices of apples. You will do hard Canadian meatballs It is one of the recipes that should definitely be tried for those who want to try dishes from different cultures.

Moreover, with a small ingredient list and practical cooking time, it will be a great dinner for those who have little time. one portion canadian patties It is approximately 214 calories. It is one of the recipes that should definitely be tried for those who want to reward themselves for dieters. Moreover, it is a light recipe that you will not have to eat a fatty meatball because it is cooked in the oven.

Meatball recipes are preferred not only in our culture but also in different cuisines. Even in our own culinary culture, there are dozens of different meatball recipes. However, it is always possible to prepare meatballs that are uniquely delicious and have different aromas with different ingredients.

If you say that you want to try a delicious and different meatball recipe with less ingredients, canadian meatballs recipe Let’s take you as well.

Ingredients for Canadian Meatballs

-half a kilo of ground beef

– half a cup of breadcrumbs

-1 teaspoon of baking powder

-20 grams tube anchovies

– salt to your taste

-1 teaspoon or more of black pepper


How to prepare Canadian meatballs at home?

To prepare Canadian meatballs First, grate the onion and place it in a bowl, then add the minced meat and all the other ingredients and mix well. Then, you can rest the meatballs in the fridge for at least half an hour so that they can be thoroughly blended with all the ingredients. Then give it a round shape with your hand and place it on a tray. And then put the meatballs in the bowl you prepared for the baking tray and prepare the tomato sauce and cook them in the oven until the top of the meatballs is golden. For Canadian meatballs, you can cook the potatoes you prepared in the form of apple slices in the oven and serve them hot together. Bon appetit right now.

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