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Chicken Kievski Recipe – Practical Recipes

Chicken Kievski

a chicken classic Chicken Kievski It is very easy to make the recipe at home now. Moreover, you can prepare a unique dinner for your guests by preparing a magnificent presentation with the vegetables you boiled.

A unique flavor that will leave a mark on the palate. Chicken Kievski recipe It is a recipe that will take its place in the corner of kitchens not only with its taste but also because it is a very practical dish. If you also say that you have little time, but you are looking for a different and delicious practical meal for your guests. Chicken Kievski You should definitely try the recipe. Moreover, it is crispy outside and juicy chicken inside. Chicken Kievski Your kids will love the recipe too. We have prepared all the details of the Chicken Kievski recipe, which is a must-try recipe for those who always prioritize visuality in meals.

Ingredients for Chicken Kievski recipe

-2 chicken breasts

-3 tablespoons of butter

-half a bunch of parsley

-2 sprigs of fresh tarragon

-2 cloves of garlic will be large

-1 teaspoon salt

– half a teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper

-1 egg

-3 tablespoons of flour

-half a glass of bread crumbs will be finely ground

– half a cup of cooking oil

How to cook chicken Kievski recipe at home?

To make the Chicken Kievski recipe First, soften the butter at room temperature. Then crush the garlic and mix it with butter in a bowl. Then finely chop the herbs and blend them. You can also add salt and mix it. Then, open the chicken breasts with the help of a knife and give them the shape of a pocket to put the mortar inside. Then fill it with the mixture you have prepared. Then you can use a toothpick to close the mouth of the chicken breasts that you filled with mortar. To fry in a wide pan, turn on the bottom by putting it in oil. Dip the chickens first in the flour, then in the egg you have beaten in a bowl, and then in the very finely ground breadcrumbs. For frying, follow the same procedures for all of them, and then fry both sides in hot oil until well browned. You should serve it hot. Bon appetit right now.

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