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How to Clean Fish? – Kitchen Secrets – Practical Recipes

My dear wife will tell us how to clean fish today 🙂 Napim I can’t touch my hand!

Scaleless and Small Fish:

For example Horse mackerel:

There is no need for a knife when cleaning scaleless and small fish.

How to Clean Fish?  2

You can clean the fish by holding the fish in your left palm and tearing off the head of the fish with the index and thumb of your right hand, and then inserting your thumb into its stomach and slicing it open.

How to Clean Fish?  3

Then you need to wash it thoroughly with plenty of water. You can leave the fish with bones or fillet it depending on the food you are cooking or your own desire.

How to Clean Fish?  4

For this procedure, it is necessary to carry the finger that you have slit through the abdomen to the tail without removing it, and then gently move the bone back and forth to remove it with soft movements. Because these fish are small, there is usually no need to separate the fillets from each other. You can use fillets open or closed. With the exceptions to this, the way to use the fillet is specified in the recipes. Although sardines are fish with scales, they are also sorted by the same method. But before weeding, you can scrape off the scales with your fingers. There is no need to use a knife for this process, because the scales are large and soft, they are separated by finger contact.

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