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Lunch Eaters Weaker

It is an indisputable fact that it is not possible to lose weight and remain thin by being hungry all day long or skipping meals. Recent studies show that those who consume hearty amounts of food at lunch may be more successful in portion control at other meals. Diets with the slogan “eat as much as you want and lose weight” sound good. However, the important thing here is to control how much we want to eat by planning other meals. When it’s time for dinner, people who have been fed properly throughout the day and are therefore not very hungry can eat whatever they want. Because he can easily control the amount already.

Dietary Products

The products that are written diet (sugar-free or fat-free) generally seen in the market are calorie-free or low-calorie diet products. It should be read which content of the product is diet. In a product that is fat-free, it may find as much fat as a reference product in a product that has no reduced sugar or that says sugar-free. Studies have shown that diet products can be consumed more than the reference product with the thought that they are low-calorie, and thus the same or even higher calories can be obtained. For example, the package of a sugar-free biscuit is 150 kcal, and the product with sugar is 300. It has been observed that dieters can easily consume 2 packages of diet products while eating 1-2 biscuits from the sugary biscuit package.

Mixed Nuts

Dried fruits and nuts are definitely healthy snacks. However, it should not be forgotten that consumption can easily increase and the energy taken can find a main meal or even exceed it. It is very easy to eat 5-6 servings of fruit at the same time as an apple, a fig or four apricots will reduce their volume when these fruits dry. The same is true for almonds, hazelnuts, etc. Valid for dried fruits. While 6-7 almonds and hazelnuts are a portion, the number can suddenly increase without realizing it. If we decide how much we will consume beforehand, they are very healthy snacks that we can easily carry in our bag, balancing our blood sugar and our sense of hunger. However, if the number runs out, it is very easy to get 1000 kcal.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt can be considered healthier and more natural than ice cream. However, what is added to the yogurt should not be forgotten. Sugary bonbon choices increase the amount of sugar we take, while increasing calories and can have the same energy as ice cream. It can become a very healthy snack when we mix natural fruit with yogurt and freeze it and do not add sugar (maybe a little natural sweetener). With its high calcium and protein content, yogurt both keeps us full and helps us lose weight by accelerating the metabolism.

Posted by Dietitian Beste Alimert

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