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Meat Wrap Recipe – Practical Recipes

Meaty Wrap

In fact, we are here with a taste that is very close to meat doner, which is a flavor we know. However, we can say that it will leave a different flavor on your palate with yogurt and mayonnaise sauce in it. Meat Wrap Recipe You can now prepare a recipe that will cheer your palate with its practicality and taste in your evening meals.

What your kids will love too meat wrap recipe A recipe with few ingredients but a memorable taste. You can also choose it with chicken if you wish. meat wrap recipe Now you can prepare different flavors for your guests.

If you say you have little time but want to prepare something both satisfying and practical meat wrap recipe Definitely one of the flavors you should try. If you also like practical street flavors and enjoy preparing them at home, meaty wrap You should definitely check out our recipe and try it.

Ingredients needed for Meat Wrap Recipe

-100 grams of beef tenderloin

-2 leaves of lettuce

-1 cucumber

-1 tomato

-half a red onion

-1 colored bell pepper (you can choose yellow or green)

-1 tablespoon of oil

-1 piece of lavash bread

Ingredients needed to prepare the inner sauce:

-1.5 tablespoons of yogurt

-1 clove of garlic

-1 teaspoon of thyme

-1 teaspoon of mayonnaise

How to Prepare Meat Wrap Recipe at Home?

For Meat Wrap Recipe First, cut the tenderloin into thin long strips. Then put the oil in a wide pan and sauté the meat you cut into strips by throwing it into it. Then, after the meat has evaporated, chop the peppers and onions into it and continue sautéing. Prepare a sauce for lavash by putting mayonnaise, yogurt, garlic and thyme in another bowl. After mixing all the ingredients well, your mortar will be ready. Then, if you want, you can heat the lavash bread in a pan. First, spread the mayonnaise mortar you prepared with the help of a spoon into the lavash bread you have heated. Put the chopped tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce on it and put the tenderloin mortar on it and roll it like a doner kebab. Bon appetit right now.

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