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Name Liar Taste True: Chicken Breast Dessert Recipe

your name fake chicken breast dessert Don’t worry about it, it tastes like a real and legendary dessert. Moreover, this delicious dessert with the consistency of chewing gum is very easy to make. If you have a lightweight, easy to make milk dessert If you are in search of it, we can say that this dessert is just for you.

Made with ingredients found in almost every home. fake chicken breast dessert Let’s take a look at what materials to use. Next, let’s learn how to make this delicious milk dessert.

fake chicken breast dessert recipe ingredient list

For the above;

  • cinnamon
  • pistachios (I think only cinnamon is enough, but you can decorate with other materials at home)

How to make fake chicken breast dessert?

From Fatma’s Kitchen

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