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Pan Anchovy – Kitchen Secrets – Practical Recipes

Amanda, you can’t beat the taste of the crispy anchovy 🙂 Let’s enjoy everyone!!!

Ingredients for Pan Anchovy Recipe

500 gr.-1 kg anchovy
Cornmeal or flour
Liquid oil

How To Make Anchovy Pan Recipe?

Clean the anchovies by tearing off their heads, without removing the bones. Wash it with plenty of water and let it drain for a few minutes in a colander. Heat the oil in the pan until you hear a crackling sound.
Dip the anchovies in flour and hold them by the tail to remove excess flour, shake them lightly and put them in the pan in 2 or 3 ways. Flip the fish fried on one side with tongs and fry the other side.
Serve hot.

It is better to mix the flour and salt before frying in terms of the flavor of the fish.
Cornmeal gives the fish a very pleasant crunch. For this reason, it is recommended to cook without removing the bones and thus to eat.
Make sure the oil is hot and put the anchovies in the pan little by little to avoid cooling the oil.

Anchovy Pan

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