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Pan for Silverfish – Kitchen Secrets – Practical Recipes

We have come to the last day of our holiday. We traveled a lot, consumed a lot of seafood. I photographed different sorted and cooked fish (flounder, sole, butt, silverfish) for you. My father and mother told me the tricks and I took notes.

I will continue to write about the village market we went to, the fish we cooked, and the shores where we sat and chatted.

For now, I have to cut it short because we will stop by the famous spa here before we return, my love.

Fried fish

Ingredients for Silverfish Pan Recipe

1 kilo of silverfish
salt 1 cup (for rubbing)
liquid oil
2 eggs


How to Make Silverfish Pan Recipe?

The fish is cleaned and rubbed well with salt to remove scales.
The fish washed with plenty of water are taken to the strainer to be filtered.
The filtered fish are held by their tails and fried in 3-4 groups, first in flour and then in egg, in hot oil on both sides until they become like pomegranate.

Serve with plenty of salad.

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