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Points to Consider in Pan Fish – Kitchen Secrets – Practical Recipes


Ingredients for the Recipe of Points to Consider in the Fish Pan

Fish suitable for pan
Olive oil Enough white flour

Points to Consider in Pan Fish Recipe How to Make?

Clean the glaze and scales, if any, of the fish you have cleaned at the fisherman and wash them in plenty of water. Try not to leave any clotted blood in it. Heat the olive oil in a pan, dust the kidney beans with flour and throw them into the pan. Fry the small fish for 10 minutes on one side and 10 minutes on the other side. Large ones should be turned several times. It is necessary to pay attention to the following points while flouring the fish, frying and after frying. Make sure to sift the white flour you will use. Because the purpose of using flour is to protect the delicate and delicious meat of the fish from being fried in hot oil. Excess flour, especially flour lumps, spoils this flavor. Therefore, it is preferable to sift the flour. After dipping the fish in flour, shake off the excess. Prefer olive oil to fry the fish. Even though some people say it is heavy, other oils do not taste as good as olive oil. Make sure that the olive oil is hot when it gets dark. However, the oil should not be overheated or burned. Extremely hot oil scorches the fish. Burnt oil spoils the taste. Oil that is not hot enough cannot give the fish that crispy feature, the fish absorbs too much oil and becomes very soft. You should put the fish in the hot oil little by little. If it is not put in a small amount, it will cool the oil and cause the fish to absorb more oil. It is recommended that you lay a paper towel on the serving plate where you bought the fish and remove excess oil. You should eat the fish little by little without cooling it on the plate. Otherwise, the head and bone will harden and lose their brittleness. The best thing to go with fish is a shepherd’s salad made of green chili peppers, hormone-free field tomatoes, onions, and small young cucumbers. Make sure to add Ayvalık’s extra-virgin olive oil to the salad and squeeze a lemon when it gets dark. Cut the onion you will put in the salad into rings and knead well with salt to get the bitter juice. Please do not squeeze lemon into the fish. There is no difference between squeezing a lemon and squeezing a bullet. A glass of chilled white wine, a glass of raki and a glass of cold beer go very well.

Key point:

Suitable Fish:
Almost all fish are suitable for the pan. However, the most suitable are fish such as red mullet, mullet, horse mackerel, barnacle, anchovy, sardines, bluefish and silverfish (aterina).

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