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Shank Stew Recipe – Practical Recipes

Shank Stew

One of the first flavors that come to mind when it comes to Ottoman cuisine. shank stew It is one of the flavors that you should definitely try in your kitchen. Although it may seem like a strenuous one, it is a unique taste that you will say was worth it when you eat it.

Moreover, it is full of vitamins. shank stew It is one of the rare tastes that you can choose for your guests on your special days. All the tricks of the work we have prepared for you shank stew recipe You can prepare a full-fledged meal with

You are in your homes too. shank stew If you want to try the recipe, let’s take you for our recipe.

Ingredients needed for the shank stew recipe

-5 lamb shanks

-1 chicken

-500 grams of beef

-200 grams of shallots

-1 piece of bread (prepare sliced ​​and fried)

-half a bunch of parsley

– enough salt and black pepper and chili flakes to suit your taste

How to make Fig Stew at home?

To prepare the Shank Stew Firstly, put lamb shanks, washed and cleaned chicken and veal in a deep pot. Add water to cover the meat, turn it on and let it boil. It will be enough to boil it for about 1 hour. Then take the chicken and beef into another bowl with the help of a ladle that will run the water through the mixture. You can use meats and chickens for a different dish. We just added it to the food for the juices. Then add all the shallots on the lamb shanks remaining in the pot. Then continue cooking for about 25 minutes more. The most important point to note here is that the lamb shanks are cooked to such an extent that they are separated from their bones. For this, you can shorten or extend the time a little by checking your meats. After adding the barley onions, add salt and spices and cook well. To serve, place the toasted and sliced ​​breads in a deep baking dish. And pour all of the cooked lamb shank stew into the baking dish in which you put the bread. You can put the baking dish on the stove and keep it on the stove for about 5 more minutes so that all the breads absorb the water from the stew. You can serve it by sprinkling the finely chopped parsley on it. Bon appetit right now.

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