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Simple Ways to Get In / Stay Fit – Kitchen Secrets – Practical Recipes

Being in shape is the dream of all of us; Losing a few pounds, especially in the winter, before the summer comes, is a classic spring rush… Of course, losing weight is not an easy task; It requires hard work and discipline. And this is such a subject that every head can have a different voice and advice. If you want to lose weight seriously, our first advice is to go to a dietitian; but if you only want to lose a few pounds or stay in shape, it is possible to achieve this with a few habits you will acquire.

Now, leave aside the discourses you heard from the environment and prepare for summer with small changes in your life:

1- Start your day with a walk: Walking for 45 minutes a few days a week will make you feel fit and have a firm body. As experts say, the positive effects of a 45-minute walk last for 48 hours. So remove yourself from excuses like I don’t have time and think that you have these 45 minutes for yourself. Your day will start well with a walk accompanied by beautiful music.

2- Remove sugar from your life: Not using sugar can be challenging at first; especially those who consume coffee and tea with sugar. However, this habit you will acquire in a short time will make you regret the sugar you used in the past. We get the sugar our body needs from the bread or fruit we eat. So stay away from sugar and sugary foods.

3- Make healthy eating a philosophy of life: If you can’t start a diet every Monday and stick to it, learn to live healthy. Do not consume ready-made foods and review your relationship with bread. Instead of seeing dieting as torture, stay fit and healthy by learning what to eat without being hungry.

4- Take care of snacks: Do not skip snacks thinking that you will not be hungry. Avoid the logic that I can lose a lot of weight by consuming less meals; The important thing is to divide the amount of calories you will receive daily during the day in a balanced way. You can have your snacks with a small apple or a small handful of nuts without reducing your energy.

5- Pay attention to your water consumption: If you want to have a healthy skin and body, drink plenty of water. Remember that drinking coffee, tea or other beverages is not a substitute for water.

6- Do not eat anything after 8 o’clock: After a certain time, our body becomes inactive and it becomes difficult to burn the edible things. So set your meals to end at 8 o’clock. As you can see, eating healthy is not difficult at all; Being fit will come with it anyway. Believe in yourself and believe you can do it. The important thing is to know and love your body.

Happy and healthy day to all of you 🙂

Author: Busra Cengiz
Photograph: Nilay Overalls

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