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Squid pan recipe – Practical Recipes

Squid pan recipe

You can prepare it as an appetizer or as a snack. squid pan recipe You can prepare delicious treats for your guests.

If you want, you can cook the calamari, which you can buy ready-made, softly with the recipe we have given. Moreover, you can also prepare a legendary tarator sauce.

You can add it as a snack even next to the pastry and brisket you have prepared for your guests. squid pan recipe You can prepare a magnificent table with it. You can also choose as a snack. squid pan recipe Let’s take you here.

Ingredients needed for squid pan recipe

-1 whole squid

-1 bottle of mineral water

-1 teaspoon of granulated sugar

– half a teaspoon of baking soda

– less than half a teaspoon of salt

Ingredients for Tarator Sauce:

-2 slices of stale bread

-2 tablespoons of ground walnuts

-3 tablespoons of olive oil

-1 tablespoon of strained yogurt

-1 teaspoon of lemon juice

-2 cloves of grated garlic

-half a teaspoon of salt

To fry:

-3 tablespoons of flour

-2 cups of oil

How to prepare squid pan recipe at home?

To make the squid pan recipe First of all, clean the internal organs of the squid you bought as a whole and chop it into rings. Then, after washing it with plenty of water, put granulated sugar, salt and carbonate in a bowl to wash it again, then put it in the squid you cut and rub it thoroughly. You can pour mineral water on the squid that have started to soften and put them in the closet to rest for at least 1 hour. Then, while the squids are resting, you can start to prepare the tarator sauce. For the tarator sauce, first crumble the inside of the stale bread into a bowl with your hand. Then pull the bread crumbs from the robot along with the walnut kernels. Mix together with grated garlic and olive oil. You can make the sauce ready by adding strained yogurt to it. Then take the rested squids from the mineral water, flour them all and then fry them in deep oil. Afterwards, you can take the squids out into the plate on which you have paper towels and put them on the serving plate. Serve with the sauce. Bon appetit right now.

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