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You Can Make a Great Dessert with 1 Pack of Pudding

If you have 1 pack of pudding and some fruit at home, you can make a great dessert. It is really very practical and a very light dessert. I make this recipe often and the household also loves this dessert. If you want to make an easy dessert without much effort, I say make this dessert.

Let’s see what materials we will use in the making of this very practical dessert. Then let’s move on to the making of our dessert.

Pudding fruit dessert ingredients

  • 1 pack of pudding (use by reducing 1 glass of milk required for its preparation)
  • the fruits you want; Strawberry, banana, kiwi, apple, grape go very well
  • Petibor biscuits up to 1 cup
  • Optional; caramel sauce on

How to make pudding fruit dessert?


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